Our goal is to help you find the hope, strength, growth, and freedom to reach your goals.

West Chicago Terrace offers comprehensive and highly individualized care to help adults, including those with dual diagnoses, manage the challenges presented by various forms of chronic physical or mental illness.

Black middle aged man talking with a nurse.

Individualized Care

West Chicago Terrace provides custodial care for individuals who are unable to care for themselves primarily due to mental health issues. At times, these issues are further complicated by substance abuse or other compounding diagnoses.


A Homelike Setting

West Chicago residents live in a homelike environment with semi-private rooms, tastefully appointed accommodations, and convenient amenities and services including meals, laundry, beauty/barber services, on-site religious services, and community outings.

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What guests and residents and families say about West Chicago Terrace . . .

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What’s New!


Little Stepson the Journey Toward Recovery

An inspiration to both staff and her peers at West Chicago Terrace, Denise agreed to share her journey toward recovery from mental health conditions.   Diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychosis and seizures, Denise received in-patient psychiatric treatment, after which her doctor recommended ongoing care at West Chicago Terrace. Initially, Denise reported that, despite staff… Continue Reading Little Stepson the Journey Toward Recovery

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Online Continuing Education 2 Part Series

Online Continuing Education Credits for social workers, nurses, nurse case managers, physical therapists and occupational therapists.   PART 1 WEBINAR: on Wednesday, June 9 at 12-1 pm Compassion, Fatigue and SELF CARE During a Pandemic and Beyond 1 CEU credit for social workers, nurses, nurse case managers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists Chaos. Grief. Pressure.… Continue Reading Online Continuing Education 2 Part Series

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